Tried and…

It was good for the first initial test. Eloiner wasn’t invoices this was a personal test to see if I could take it. I can, it felt good I want more with her. We did get a new muggle car yesterday which is exciting because while brooms are a preferred method of tracked muggle vehicles can be fun at times. More posts probably this weekend as I’ll be at work again. 



I’ve been bad…

So I planned on posting when ever I felt the need but the hopes for that were to post daily. Since I’m on nights right now I basically didn’t post at all yesterday. It’s not that I didn’t want to as there are so many things going on, I just didn’t have time as there are so many things going on. Some news, I think a nudist camp is on the vacation list this summer, it sounds… Interesting.

Taking over my mind

I have always been into new sex ideas but this one is all I can think about. That purple dildo alone in the drawer at home waiting to be used. Waiting for her to take control and use me. It’s strange how much it’s taking over my head, I want to feel it inside me, I want to feel her use me. Is this what girls feel about normal sex? I don’t care, you muffles are missing out. Have some fun, try something new, get pegged. 


Reversing Roles

So let me start by saying, I like sex, a lot. I won’t lie and say I only have normal sex either. I like to partake in all forms, what good death eater doesn’t enjoy a little on the dark side. Well today I’m taking one step further into the darkness. My wife’s double strap-on came today. One end for her, and I can’t wait to have one end buried  in me. I have read quite a bit on the topic and the whole experience just seems like it is going to be a magical life changing experience. So once the deed goes down I’ll let you know how it goes.

Muggles in charge


Apparently there is a lot on my mind today. I work this mundane muggle job to keep up appearances in the muggle world. There really are no jobs in the area for a wizard of my ability. It’s sad to think that all this experience lands me a boring job in the muggle world. The hardest part is knowing that the muggles in charge actually have some fraction of power over me and while it’d be wonderful I’d totally blow my cover if I were to use some curse to take away what little power they have. My muggle supervisor is the one that causes the most problems. She spends everyday acting like she knows so much about the job because she’s been doing it for 20+ years when in reality every answer she gives is wrong and she can’t keep up with the changes being made. Unfortunately, this particular muggle has a vendetta against me due to one incident where I lost my normal calm, cool and collected ways and let her know just how insignificant I think she is. Since then she has made it her personal goal to get me removed from this muggle job. While I wouldn’t mind the free time bills have to be paid and I may be rich in the wizarding world but when it comes to the muggle life I’m just a middle class citizen.

The beginning…


I guess the reason I started this was an idea to help me express opinions without hurting muggles, yet. I was on vacation and looking around I saw them every where completely oblivious to their surroundings, screaming children not enjoying the sights around them. Parents dragged down to their child’s level and eventually turned into children themselves as they too ignore what is right in front of them. I’m not saying they were blind but the magic was everywhere around them and all they could think about was, one more ride, one more attraction. No one took the time to stop and observe the beauty in the magic that surrounded the rides. My wife and I both agreed it was ridiculous and something must be done. Stop hiding behind your mundane lives, stop feeding the monsters that are the muggle masses and join me, join the darkness. I can’t say you won’t get hurt, hell you may even die in trying to complete a goal but I will promise you that you will gain power over those around you. I will open your eyes to the magic in the world. This is your stop and smell the roses moment, go on stop. Smell the roses.

A Step Towards Greatness


You’ve probably come along this writing by mistake looking for words about the famous harry potter or maybe you found this in a search for a way to beat death. Neither is here, this is just the everyday journal of a death eater after the fall of our once great dark lord. I sit here late in the night¬†writing and wondering what this will turn into.¬†I hope one day that someone, somewhere, will think of the time that they first read the name Jingo Acarines and remember this is where it all began.